Jeneece Edroff, OBC, fund raiser extraordinaire and amazing young woman - Unveiling
Queen Alexandra Foundation for Children

Jeneece is an inspiration - a phenomenon.

Diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis at 3 years old, Jeneece has battled a disease that causes tumors to grow on almost all of the nerve roots coming out of her spine. She uses a body brace to help support her fragile spine and alleviate some of her pain.

Jeneece didn't let her condition stop her - it has barely slowed her down. I first became aware of Jeneece as "the penny girl" - seen on local television news programs from the age of seven, convincing us that every penny donated can count. In her first year fund raising she raised $164.

At the age of 17, Jeneece has now (January 2012) raised over $4 million in support of her current project - Jeneece Place - a home-away-from-home, located on the Victoria General Hospital Grounds, for families who have to travel to Victoria for hospital care, lab tests or appointments with specialists.

Yes, I did say over $4 million!

In recognition of her efforts Jeneece has been awarded the Order of BC (OBC) by Lieutenant Governor, the Honourable Steven L. Point, OBC. She is the youngest person to be honoured with the award.

I felt very honoured myself to be asked to paint a portrait of Jeneece to hang in Jeneece Place. After spending time with Jeneece and her family I decided to paint another portrait, a less formal one, as a personal gift to Jeneece and her family.

She is truly beautiful spirit.

David Goatley


Jeneece Edroff - official portrait

Jeneece and family

Jeneece with her parents Angie and Denis
before the unveiling


Jeneece Edroff gift to family from David