Lawrence P. Goldman, Founding President and CEO - Unveiling
New Jersey Performing Arts Center

A landmark in the revitalization of the downtown core of Newark, NJPAC is a towering achievement, a world-class concert hall that breathes life into what was a troubled city. It’s education program has given thousands of children a chance to explore music and performance, many of its students have gone on to great careers, whilst its varied and ambitious concert program has thrilled audiences and drawn in the community since its opening.

Lawrence Goldman

Lawrence P. Goldman portrait

Larry Goldman, the retiring Founding President and CEO, has been at the helm since the inception of this project, working tirelessly to see it built, opened, running and succeeding in ways that fulfilled a vision and a dream.

NJPAC decided to surprise Mr. Goldman with a portrait as part of the honours and celebration of his 22 year leadership as he steps down to take up other projects.

I knew I had to paint him in the concert hall he is rightly proud of, to capture the man in the wonderful space he created.
I was introduced to Larry as a photographer sent by a sponsor to shoot him for an article. Fortunately he was happy to cooperate and I managed to get the reference I needed to make a portrait that was a complete surprise to him. He was delighted.

For me, it was a thrill to watch him as the secret was revealed and a surprise for me to see a portrait of mine share the stage with a full-on gospel choir!

David Goatley

Lawrence Goldman unveiling

My portrait of Lawrence Goldman upstaged by a full gospel choir!


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