Murals and Large Works

Sometimes a work needs to encompass a bigger idea than can fit a conventional canvas or single panel. If you have the space, together we can develop the vision.

"Letters From the Front" Chemainus Post Office 27' x 10'6"

This mural tells the story of how the post office kept families at home and soldiers at the front in touch during the First World War. Letters from home, a telegram informing of a death, the Postmaster, the commanders at Vimy Ridge, soldiers "going over the top" on the Somme and many other elements combine to link the West Coast of Canada with France in a panoramic montage.

Lest We Forget

Lest We Forget 16' x 7'6"

A second exploration of the horror, senselessness and sacrifice that was the Great War (WWI), painted for a private collection.


Signposts to Illumination 10' x 6' (in a private collection)

An exploration of Christian and Buddhist motifs, represented by the thread of light in the world from the texts of these two traditions. The four creatures representing the four Gospel writers, flank a mandella centered by an asymmetric cross, creating both tension and harmony. Celtic patterns and the circular spell of the mandella weave the two streams of thought together.

saviour lord

Saviour and Lord 12' x 7' - each panel (Trinity Christian Centre)

Saviour. Lord. Alpha and Omega. Beginning and End. Ahmen.