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Upcoming Workshops:

September 12-13, 2017
2 Day Portraiture Workshop at
The Old School House Arts Centre (TOSH)
in Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island, BC
TO REGISTER: Call TOSH at 250-752-6133

David will be teaching at one of his favourite venues - The Old School House Arts Centre in scenic Qualicum Beach, BC. just a half block from his recently unveiled mural on the historic Village Theatre.

This fun and informative workshop is open to painters at every level. Working from a live model, we will explore the basic proportions of the head; drawing convincing features; using tone to describe form and structure; and all that goes into making a lively, engaging portrait.

Working alla-prima, we’ll begin in black and white paint, to help us grasp tonal concepts. We will progress the second day to colour, beginning with a demo in colour and discussions of media, my colour palette, and colour mixing. Students will then work on a head-and-shoulders colour study.

With clear step-by-step, hands-on instruction, a wealth of technical tips, continuous demonstrations, and personal instruction at each student’s easel, I will show students how to approach the challenges of portraiture with confidence. Questions are encouraged at all times.

About David's Workshops:

Art is for sharing.  Teaching has  been a path of giving back, sharing knowledge, study and growth for me ever since I became a professional artist.

I have taught in schools, colleges, summer programs , art clubs and societies across North America . I enjoy it- and student evaluations consistently tell me I am good at it. It has enriched my life as an artist.

I offer a variety of workshops throughout the year, ranging from one, two or three days,  to a full five day program, covering either portrait painting, figure painting or basic oil techniques [ focusing on still life motifs].  Classes can be tailored for beginners or advanced students. Last year I took a group to Spain, painting the landscape plein air and several portraits of  local characters,  over 12 days. I hope to again.

Whatever the subject, I teach by example, through continual demonstrations and hands-on individual attention to each students work.

All my workshops begin with a talk on why we are doing what we are about to do, what our aims will be and the key information I hope to communicate, followed by an initial demonstration.

A one day portrait workshop covers basic drawing of the head, the importance of tone, building the big shapes and rendering a lively alla prima head study. Over two days I stress the vital role tone plays in creating form and space, beginning in black and white paint, then progressing to colour. On the second day students paint a more developed study using the full palette of colours.

Whatever the subject, I talk about the technical aspects of handling oil paint,  why I love it, techniques that make it work for you,the use of mediums and the range of expression the paint offers. I discuss proportions, composition, the interplay of lights and darks, warms and cools, tips to render convincing features and how to use the colours in my suggested palette. Although this is the focus of my basic oil techniques course, this information is often demanded by students painting anything .

A five day workshop gives time and scope to make tonal and temperature studies, to explore the use of glazes and to develop several head studies and a final more finished piece, whether portrait ,or figure. It is a chance to more fully explore the techniques that can really make a picture come alive.

Watch this page for details of forthcoming classes, workshops and demonstrations.



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