If the words "Corporate Portrait" conjure up images of unsmiling figures somberly gazing from darkened backgrounds, it doesn't have to be that way. Portraits of corporate leaders can be as vibrant as the corporations they lead and as colourful as the personalities of their subjects. Of course, there will always be a place for the traditional business portrait and they are enjoyable to paint.

Here are a few of my portraits of leaders in business. Click on an image to enlarge it.

Thumbnail of Barbara Adams
Thumbnail of Peter Deveaux
Thumbnail of Paul Benson
Thumbnail of John Anderson, CEO
Thumbnail of Eric Charman
Thumbnail of Dan Pellegrom
Thumbnail of Reggie Dixon
Thumbnail of David Bustos
Thumbnail of Razali May
Thumbnail of Nick Geer
Thumbnail of Derek May
Thumbnail of Michael DeGroote

Barbara Adams - Jeweler

Barbara Adams

Peter DeVaux Chair Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library

Peter DeVaux, Chair
Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library

Paul Benson CEO

Paul Benson, CEO

John Anderson CEO

John Anderson, CEO

Eric Charman Businessman & Philanthropist

Eric Charman
Businessman & Philanthropist

Dan Pellegrom CEO Pathfinder International

Dan Pellegrom, CEO
Pathfinder International

Reggie Stockbroker


David Bustos - Partner

David Bustos

Razali May - Businessman

Razali May

Nick Geer - Chair ICBC

Nick Geer
Chair, ICBC

Derek May Businessman

Derek May

Michael DeGroote -Entrepreneur

Michael DeGroote