“Knowing the portrait was to hang in The House of Commons for generations to come, I wanted a painting that would give a strong impression of who I am, so that someone looking at it could feel they had met me, rather than a remote political figure. I feel David met that objective perfectly.”

The Right Hon. Kim Campbell
19th Prime Minister of Canada

“On behalf of His Highness the Maharajah of Jaipur, I would like to congratulate Mr. Goatley for the excellent portrait he has painted. His eye for detail is truly phenomenal and to reproduce it so intricately calls for an extraordinary talent. His delicate brush strokes and the use of chiaroscuro is positively praiseworthy. It is certainly a portrait painted with feeling.”

Kumar Chatterjee Personal Secretary to the
Maharaja of Jaipur
Office of the Royal Family, City Palace

“Seeing the portrait ‘in person’ was a very emotional experience, I knew the content to expect, but when I opened the package with my daughters I was moved and overwhelmed - the girls, too, thought it was a true likeness of daddy that you captured in paint.”

Veronica Hynes, New York

“Thank you for the magnificent portrait you did of me. It is even higher praise when my daughters concur with my assessment... and they do!”

The Right Hon. Gilbert Parent
33rd Speaker of the House of Commons

"You are clearly the preeminent portrait artist in Canada."

John Howard Sanden

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making the process so lovely for me. I was, frankly, dreading it and you make it a fun adventure.”

Dr. Sue Groesbeck
Head Havergal College, Ontario

“I write to thank you for the spectacular job you did in your portrait of me for the Advocate. You captured my spirit. It doesn’t get better than that. Thanks again, and I hope our paths will cross another day.”

Barbara Findlay, QC

"Why, it’s more real than I am!"

Rev. Willard Cantellon

“Thank you for making the experience of being portrayed in this office such a pleasant exchange.

The Hon. Iona Campagnolo, 27th Lt. Governor of British Columbia

“The consummate professional... David captured my facial features, along with the precise details associated with my official robe, and the significant details associated with my military medals. He was meticulous.”

The Hon. Colonel (ret’d) Donald S. Ethell
7th Lt. Governor of Alberta

“During my time as President of the University of Victoria, David was commissioned to paint the official portraits of two chancellors, Dr. Ronald Lou-Poy and Murray Farmer. He also was commissioned to paint my presidential portrait… The quality of the work was absolutely outstanding and in all three cases the subjects were very pleased with the results.”

David H. Turpin, CM, LLD, FRSC
President and Vice-Chancellor, University of Victoria

“David’s portraits of our children, Chanler and Sara, are exquisite. His capacity to capture the essence of a child is remarkable. In the process David also became a friend...”

The Millers, New Hampshire

“David, the portrait looks great!!! ... This has been a great experience for our entire family.”

Larry Groce, Alabama

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I do not believe I’ve seen anything more beautiful.”

Dickie Dixon, West Virginia

“Your painting is now my prized possession, you really got my Ladybug.”

Elizabeth Blaine, Director of Development, Monticello

"... you are a treally find painter in the Sargent style. You work with confidence and grace and a true respect for the quality of the paint."

Robert Bateman, OC OBC RCA, Naturalist and Painter

"I cannot believe that you did it; that the likeness is astounding... and that it has such a hold on me. I have never seen a portrait which grasped the likeness to that extent. There is an aura to that painting that is more than precision and visual accuracy. I cannot thank you enough."


“Suromitra and I had the honour of seeing the portrait this morning. It is simply wonderful. We could not be happier. Thank your for doing such an impressive piece.

I am honoured to have your portraits hanging in two outstanding universities.”

David Turpin, CM, PhD, LLD, FRSC
President, University of Alberta