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David is currently scheduling in-person workshops for 2023.   A note from David: as his commission schedule is very busy there will be a limited number of workshops this year. Please check back often as arrangements are made.

January 28-29, 2023
Arts Council of Ladysmith
"Painting the Grandkids"

Painting children has its own uniqu challenges. The proportions of the face alter considerably from babyhood to teens and their delicate beauty can be tough to capture.

To register: https://www.ladysmitharts.ca

March 25-26, 2023
Arts Council of Ladysmith
"Painting Portraits from Photos"

David will give a simple overview of how to take the kind of photographs that work best, what to look for in a reference picture and what to avoid. Through demonstration and hands-on guidance, David will help you develop your initial drawing, understand the proportion to look for and the techniques you will need to turn your image into a painting.

Ladysmith, BC
To register: https://www.ladysmitharts.ca

April 1-2, 2023
Federation of Canadian Artist - Vancouver
"Painting The Self Portrait"

It is said that we should know ourselves and there is no better way of challenging our skills than with a self portrait. Through instruction, demonstration, and lots of individualized teaching David will cover composition, colour mixing, proportions of the head and observation. Click the button below to learn more

Federation Academy, Vancouver, BC
To register: www.federationacademy.ca/in-person 

"Workshops are all about learning from each other and having fun while doing it!"

What to Expect

Art is for sharing. Teaching has been a path of giving back, sharing knowledge, study and growth for me ever since I became a professional artist.

I have taught in schools, colleges, summer programs , art clubs and societies across North America. I enjoy it and student evaluations consistently tell me they are pleased with the classes. It has enriched my life as an artist.

I offer a variety of workshops throughout the year, ranging from two or three days, to a full five day program as well as custom series covering portrait painting, figure painting or basic oil techniques  focusing on still life motifs). Classes can be tailored for beginners or advanced students. Several years ago (pre COVID) I took a group to Spain, painting the landscape plein air .I hope to again.

Whatever the subject, I teach by example, through continual demonstrations and hands-on individual attention to each students work.

All my workshops begin with a talk on why we are doing what we are about to do, what our aims will be and the key information I hope to communicate, followed by an initial demonstration.

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Portrait & Landscape Classes
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Getting To Grips With Oils Paints
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Invite David to Teach a Workshop

David has been a popular teacher of hundreds of oil painting classes and workshops over the past 32 years, in Canada the USA and farther afield.

If your college, art school, guild or group would like to invite David to teach a workshop please contact him at studio@davidgoatley.com for more information and his fee schedule.